Jess Zimbabwe and the Rose Center: Building better urban leadership leads to better cities

The Urban Land Institute (ULI)

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) aims to provide “leadership in the responsible use of land, and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.” Key to this mission is the construction of affordable urban housing. While ULI’s traditional emphasis is on private-sector education and leadership, public-sector participation is welcome. Founded in 1936 and now working globally, ULI claims to be “the oldest and largest network of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world.”

The National League of Cities (NLC)

The National League of Cities (NLC) is, according to Jess Zimbabwe, “cities coming together to advocate for themselves on the national level, to exchange information about urban affairs, and to promote better methods in municipal government… to make cities stronger, to better represent the voice of cities at the federal government, to make sure that their needs are reflected in the distribution of federal resources and in policies that help them have local control over the resources that they generate locally.”

The Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use

The Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use is a program of the National League of Cities in partnership with the Urban Land Institute. According to its website, its mission “is to encourage and support excellence in land use decision-making by public officials… (and) to foster creative, efficient, practical, and sustainable land-use policies by providing technical assistance and professional development through fellowships, forums, workshops, and webinars.”